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Q. How do your commercial shifts work?

A. Our commercial shifts are designed for part time drivers and full time drivers with their own personal vehicle. You can pick up a Prius at a participating Mobil gas station and then drop it off at the end of your shift. 

Q. What is the benefit of doing commercial over personal?

A. All three programs fulfill different needs.  Our commercial programs will require the least amount or even no money to get started, they are the most convenient option as the insurance, registration, ADOT permit and Uber account are all taken care of by UDRIVE and swapping out cars in case of a breakdown is easy because these leases are not vehicle specific. 

Q. How do I pay the lease? 

A. Commercial leases have their weekly Uber payouts sent to Udrive, your lease is deducted and the remainder is sent to you.

Q. Personal leases with no security deposit work just like the commercial leases.

A. Personal leases with a security deposit will have Uber earning sent directly to the driver and then the driver will pay UDRIVE on a weekly basis. You can pay with credit, debit or bank transfer.

Q. How is maintenance done?

A. Commercial shift cars are maintained outside of any driver shifts and will not have an impact on you.

Both monthly leases have a maintenance every 5000 miles.  The maintenance alternates between a While You Wait maintenance and a Drop Off Maintenance. The While You Wait maintenance can be scheduled at any Sun Devil Auto location and takes an hour or less. The Drop Off maintenance is a 24hr drop off with the maintenance performed by UDRIVE.

Q. What if my car breaks down?

A. We aim to keep you on the road not on the side of it! With our maintenance program including regular maintenance every 5000 miles and preventative maintenance every 10000 miles we are able to minimize downtime and breakdowns tremendously.  If your Prius does breakdown we will minimize the down time as much as possible with vehicle swaps (when available), quick repairs and 24/7 roadside assistance. Any downtime above and beyond the While You Wait maintenance and the Drop Off maintenance will be prorated. 

Q. How do I get my Uber payouts?

A. Commercial leases are based on Ubers Monday at 4am to Monday at 4am pay period. Once that money is sent to UDRIVE the lease payment is automatically deducted and then your earnings are sent to you by bank transfer.

Personal leases with no security deposit work just like the commercial leases.

Personal leases with a security deposit can use Uber's daily payouts or weekly payouts which get sent directly to your bank account. 

Q. How does insurance work?

A. Commercial shifts and commercial monthly leases come with commercial livery insurance that covers you 100% of the time. 

Personal monthly Prius's are insured by the driver with rideshare insurance. We will help you get the lowest quote. This insurance along with the additional coverage the On Demand services provide will cover you 100% of the time.

Q. Is there a deductible?

A. Our commercial leases come with a $1,000 deductible.

Our personal leases can have up to a $500 deductible, you can choose a lower deductible if you like.

Q. What happens if the Prius is damaged or stolen while in my possession?

A. You will be responsible for up to $1,000 on a commercial lease or up to $500 on a personal lease. The rest will be taken care of by insurance.  This does not apply to any acts of negligence or anything that is excluded by the insurance. 

Q. Can I start working as soon as I pick the car up?

A. Commercial shift and commercial monthly Prius's are ready to start working on UberX the second you pick up. You will simply log into your commercial Uber account, select the vehicle you have and start taking fares!

A Personal monthly Prius will require your own insurance and registration as well as an Uber vehicle inspection in your name. We will arrange all of this to get done on your pickup day.

Q. Can I use the Prius for personal use?

A. Absolutely. You are your own boss and can manage your time as you see fit.  Of course the more hours logged on to an On Demand service the more money you will make but the choice is always yours!

Q. How long does it take to get a car?

A. There are a lot of variables involved that can make the processing time range anywhere from 1 day to 1 week or more.  Most of the process is dependent on you so you have a lot of influence on how long you take to get approved.  If you already have the type of Uber account you need for the program you choose that will significantly cut down on the amount of time it takes to get into a Prius.